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Consignment Application

We, miniature car shop MAMBOX is an auction store, specialized in mini cars.
We make use of past rich business experience with good repute and offer you acting online auction service aiming at high return.

Minicar popularity rises year by year in domestic market、and articles which sell only in foreign countries are traded at very high price in Japan.

Why donユt you display your precious collection at our online auction shop ?

We offer you alternative business service including exhibition, bidding operation and shipment without fail.

All what you do is to send your article and wait until successful bidding is made…..

We will remit successful bidding money ! ( service charge is required )
We sincerely expect your request for our service

Manufacturers and shops,

We are willing to have a display request from you !How about selling your mini-cars in Japanese market ?

To the manufacturer, not yet earnestly going into our market,
Why donユt you appeal to Japanese fans of your precious mini-cars ?

To the shop ,having a lot of mini-cars in stock,
Donユt waste them. They must be a Gold Mine in Japanese market !
We will strongly recommend you to appeal Japanese fans. Go for it !

This is an auction store specialized in mini-cars and let us sell your items in place of you in Japanese market !

Consigned article display

Essential ! Business conditions for a deal

Auction acting service

Miniature car shop MAMBOX ( Consignee ) undertakes the following rules dutifully to offer the acting service for the possessor of minicars ( Consigner ) who is in hope for selling his/her minicars ( consignment ).

Consignee assumes whole business operation in behalf of Consigner by taking pictures of articles for the display, communicating with the successful bidders, collecting money, paying commission to the auction sponsor, coping with the complaint, and shipment.

But Consignee doesnユt guarantee the success or failure and winning of the bid.

Completion of a contract
Contract is approved when Consigner applied for the acting auction and consignment arrived.
Conditions of the consignment.
The consignment is limited to the minicar of the person who has proprietary rights or took trust from owner.

Consignment is allowed to go to the exhibition domain when its brand, state, type, setting price are admitted to be adequate.
Consignment is limited to an article fixed to a pedestal with the package and hopefully its case.
Expense burden.
Consignee bears expense for auction except the following cost.The postage, remittance fee and custom duty are Consignerユs burden.The expense that occurred by cancellation after the successful bid by the defect of the consignment which Consignee was not able to discover by the inspection, and the postage of returned article are Consignerユs burden.
In case of winning no successful bidding, Consignee returns consignment to Consigner.
As for return method, IMS and SAL delivery service are used and postage becomes Consignerユs burden.
Damage burden
It is Consignerユs responsibility about damage until article safely arrives and the Consignee finishes inspection.
After that, Consignee takes responsibility. But the responsibility is not taken by Consignee when damage / disappearance of Consignment occur by natural disaster / wars.
Acting exhibition charges
Representation fee is 500yen + 35 % of successful bid price per one consignment.
When the bid was not made, representation fee is free of charge.
Article explanation
After arrival in us and inspection consignment, Consignee mentions the state of the article in the column and exhibits it.
The formal objection of the Consigner to the article explanation is not accepted.
Consignment is to be uncovered for inspection and photography. Please understand it.
An exhibition place
Consignment is exhibited at ID or category determined by this shop.
Formal objection of Consigner to an exhibition place is not accepted.
Exhibition advisory
Please confirm the consignment bid situation by Consigner yourself.
Consignee doesnユt report it particularly.
The exhibition date, time, period.
A matter of start date, period, the end date should be left to Consignee.
Re-exhibition is allowed three times and no objection is accepted.
Exhibition conditions
The Exhibition method ( including optional setting ) of the consignment should be left entirely to Consignee.
There is the case that difference occurs in an exhibition method by a kind or a state of consignment
In addition, No Return, No Claim trade is not accepted. So Consignee copes with the returned article along the auction business rules of this shop.
An exhibition image
Number of pictures and hp_images are dependent on each consignment, which is left to a matter of this shop.
Even if consignment is covered, Consignee opens it for photography. No objection is accepted. The image copyright shall belong to this shop.
Payment of the successful bid price
Consignee ends the exhibition when each consignment had successful bid and closes business at the end of the month, then remits to Consigner on 15th in the next month. Consignee deducts remittance fee.
There is the case that one remittance is subtracted to minus when fee is due deducted. The remittance method is……Ex : Payment is made for a December 16th of successful bid on January 15th.Notice; Payment is made for each applied unit of successful bid.
Cancellation of exhibition / business contacts.
Cancellation of non-exhibit consignment is allowed, but cancellation of an exhibiting article is not allowed.
Consigner can not cancel the business with any reasons about the article which was already made a bid for.
If the exhibition cancellation is required from an auction sponsor, Consignee ends the representation duties at that point, and there is not the re- exhibition about the article.
Returned article / Cancellation
When a bidder cancels after a successful bid or article is returned, Consignee doesnユt pay to Consigner. Consignee continues to exhibit the returned article two more times again.
A start price and minimum successful bid price.
A start and minimum price are set up with hope pricing of Consigner.
Auction evaluation becomes evaluation standards to this shop, and Consigner cannot give the evaluation to this auction.
Prohibited activity
Consignee strictly prohibits Consigner or the third person from intervention bid act for price boost during exhibition of the consignment.
In addition, Consignee declines false information report on an acting auction exhibition application.
When such a false act was found out by any chance, this shop considers it to be interference of our trust and business , and will request compensation for damages.
Personal information
Consignee uses personal information that Consignee was able to know by contract on business only, and manages it strictly so that Consignee doesnユt leak out to the third person. Consignee cannot disclose the information of successful bidder of the consignment to Consigner.
If, however, there was the disclosure request from court of law based on laws and ordinances, or from police organization, Consignee might offer information to them.
Others.Consignee will leave to Consignerユs liability on matters without mention above.
This shop strictly prohibits duplication and reprint of all or a part of sentences , image pictures, and photography on this WEB site.

Request for acting service 

Please copy the following contents, paste and send it to mammam001@yahoo.co.jp

  1. ①Name:
  2. ②Address:
  3. ③Phone number:
  4. ④Birth date:
  5. ⑤Mail address:
  6. ⑥Address to remit bid price:
  7. ⑦Favorite remittance method.ハハ There is the case we cannot meet your favorite method.

Please choose one among ①~④

  1. ①Remittance to the post office address ( in principle )
  2. ②Remittance to the post office account.
  3. ③Registered mail
  4. ④Paypalハ

●An item on consignment request

Please state the following items about status on articles respectively.

  1. ①manufacturer
  2. ②scale
  3. ③the name of item
  4. ④hopeful bid price
  5. ⑤A disposal method at the non- successful bid
  6. ⑥Having remodeling or not.
  1. 例)①Autoart
  2. ②1/18スケール
  4. ④6000円
  5. ⑤disposable
  6. ⑥Not.

We cannot accept the damaged items, and items without a case or a pedestal.